Sunday, September 11, 2011

a week of milestones

This has been quite the week for Josiah! I have found that there are some weeks that go by where I don't really notice much about his development and then a week will come along and BANG we see a bunch of things. Here is a list of some of the things he is doing:

1. He is now rolling from his back to his tummy. The first time he did this he was laying across my lap on his back and he just rolled down my legs. He almost fell off but I caught him. It was pretty cute. Now he is really starting to enjoy periods of laying by himself on the floor or our bed. This is a big thing for him because most of the time he wants to be held by either Steven or I.

2. He is able to sit up unsupported for a couple of seconds before he falls. His balance is getting a lot better and he is working those ab muscles! He also can stand and hold himself up against the couch or ottoman without support from us. He loves to straighten his legs and stand. I try not to let him do it too much because I'm afraid his leg bones aren't ready for it!

3. He has moved from 3-6 months clothing to 6-9 month clothing. He is only 4 1/2 months long and about 17 lbs but this kid is LONG. He clothes often become too short in the torso before they fit around his waist. Luckily the cloth diapers help fill out the pants a little bit more so it actually all fits. (We are loving the cloth diapers by the way... we'll do a post about that later).

4. This one I think is the best of all. On Thursday he had his first full on giggle/ belly laugh. It was so sweet. He did it for Steven while they were sitting at the kitchen table and Josiah was in his bumbo. Steven was just playing with him and he let out this adorable full on giggle. I had been waiting SO long to hear that from him. On Friday he did it for me! My heart melted.

5. He is also talking more and really grabbing for things. I can no longer hold him on my lap while eating without having to hold the food/wrappers far away from us. Also, his favorite toy is an empty water bottle. We discovered this after buying him a $20 teething giraffe. Haha. Her name is sophie and he still likes her but he prefers the water bottle.

That pretty much sums up the week in the life of Josiah. He did have his first "hoodie" day on Tuesday. The picture at the top shows him enjoying the day.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Welcome to our site! I know we haven't been the best at keeping our previous blogs going but we are really going to try to be better at keeping everyone informed on what we are doing through this venue! Hope all is well!